According to Dr. Jim Daly and Dr. Juli Slattery students need to have the right goals in mind for a new school year.  A question was presented that states, I'm struggling with how to keep my kids motivated throughout the school year?  Dr. Juli Slattery says that many parents dread the beginning of a new school year even more than their children do.  It takes a lot of energy to motivate kids to stay on top of thier work!  One key to starting out the year on a positive note is to begin with realistic and objective goals as a source of motivation.  The correct goals can be encouraging, the wrong goals can add to feelings of apathy and failure.  We must ensure that the goals that we are setting are realistic.  An example of this is to realize that most children are not capable of making all A's and stop trying when they receive their first subpar grade.  The solution to this problem would be set a goal of achieving a higher grade in math than they did last year or turning in assignments on time (Daly & Slattery, 2012).

Goal Setting
*  Set realistic goals and objectives
*  Try setting a goal of a higher grade in subjects than they did last year
*  Try turning in assignments on time
*  Have a goal of working hard
*  Not all school goals should be academic (your child may need to focus on goals related to character or social skills)
*  Write down your goals whether a college student or entering kindergarten.  Help them create a goal or two and write them down.
*  Younger children need to see their goals mapped on a sticker chart so they can see their progress.
*  Your job is to slowly transfer the motivation for doing well to your children.
*  Teaching your kids to set goals is a great step in process.

 Daly, J., & Slattery, J. (2012, 09 02). Make sure kids have right goals in new school year. Goldsboro news argus, p. 3C.

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