Beginning of the Year Supply List

Mrs. Spell’s 2016-2017

Supply List


  • Vinyl pencil bag*

  • Scissors (no sharp end scissors)*

  • Kleenex *

  • Clorox/Lysol Wipes

  • Ziploc (quart and gallon size)

  • Glue sticks (3 per student)*

  • 8 count Crayola crayons (3 packs)

  • 1 pack of yellow pencils (large)*

  • Paper towels*

  • 4 packs of copy paper

  • 2 one subject composition spiral books (wide ruled)*

  • 1 folder with 2 side pockets*

  • 3 black or colored thin tip dry erase markers*

  • 1 small dry erase board & dry eraser*

  • Regular sized post-it notes (1 pack)*

  • 1 clipboard*

  • Set of 3-4 big erasers*

  • 1 pack of 8 Self-stick round heavy duty felt pads OR a 4 pack of tennis balls (these are going to be used on the bottom of the students chairs & desks to prevent scratching)

  • One full change of clothes (shirt, pants, underwear & socks)

Please note: We do not need any bandaids or hand-sanitizer in our classroom for this year, we have plenty. I am putting a star* beside the items above that can and/or may be purchased at Dollar Tree. Please write your child’s name on all of their supplies. Thanks so much!