25 Books Reading Challenge

In third grade our students have a 25 books reading challenge.  During this challenge students will have to read 25 books covering many different genres.  Each book that your child reads for this challenge needs to be recorded on his/her Book Challenge log.  The Book Challenge log can be found in your child's Book Challenge folder.  You need to be checking your child's Book Challenge folder to check on this assignment!!  The Book Challenge is mainly completed at home!!  You will have to enter the genre code (also found in the Book Challenge folder), the title, the date completed, and whether the book was just right or not.  There is also a rubric that will need to be completed before the written response for the Book Challenge is turned in.  After all of this is completed, I will initial the Book Challenge log and your child will receive credit for reading that book. 
The Book Challenge log is completely different from the reading log that is completed each night. 
The Book Challenge will be taken for a grade each nine weeks.  15 points will be deducted for each response that is not completed!
There are 5 steps to completing a Book Challenge response:
Step1:  Read a book.  (The book must fit into certain genres.  Please look online or in your child’s Book Challenge folder for this information.)
Step 2:  Write a response after reading the book.  Suggestions for responses can be found in the Book Challenge folder.  Students may also create a thinking map to be turned in as a response. 
Step3:  Check over the written response with your child.  A rubric must be completed and attached to each response before it is turned in.  Rubric sheets can be found in your child’s Book Challenge folder.  Please have your child let me know when a new rubric sheet is needed. 
Step4:  Help your child fill in the Book Challenge log (found in his/her Book Challenge folder).  You will need to include the title of the book, the date completed, the genre, and tell whether this book was an easy book to read or a challenging book to read. 
Step5:  Turn the response and rubric in to the teacher. I will read the response and initial on your child’s Book Challenge log,which will give your child credit for completing the assignment. 
The following are the reading requirements for each nine weeks.
1st- 6 books
2nd- 7 books
3rd- 7 books
4th- 5 books
The following are the reading requirements for each genre.
2 Fantasy
4 Realistic Fiction
1 Mystery
2 Traditional Literature
1 Historical Fiction
1 Science Fiction
5 Informational
2 Biography
2 Poetry
5 Free Choice (any genre listed above)
The codes for the genres are:
F- Fantasy
RF- Realistic Fiction
M- Mystery
TL- Traditional Literature
HF- Historical Fiction
SF- Science Fiction
I- Informational
B- Biography
AB- Autobiography
P- Poetry

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