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Ideas for Reinforcing Kindergarten Skills at Home


*Make alphabet flashcards for each letter from index cards to review upper and lower case letters.  Students should be able to identify all 52 letters individually.

*Use the alphabet flashcards to check sound identification.  Students should be able to identify the sounds of all 26 letters.

*Orally say simple words to your child, and ask them to identify the beginning sounds of each word.  They should also be able to tell the letter that they would see at the beginning of the word.  When the child is able to identify beginning sounds and letters, try the same activity with ending sounds.

*Read to your child daily.  Always discuss the story, and ask your child to retell it in their words.  Ask questions about the story to check for understanding.  Students should be able to identify the characters, setting, and the problem/solution in the story.  They should also be able to retell the story in the correct order and identify the author’s purpose.

*Word practice is a great activity.  You can give your child a word and ask them to give you a word that rhymes or one with the same beginning sound.  You can also do word building.  This is where you create a simple word, and the student changes either the beginning or ending to create a new word.  (ex. cat, mat, bat, sat, cat, can, cab, cap)

*You can help with writing by making an at home journal.  Writing in kindergarten consists of a picture and story.  By the end of the year students should be able to write 3 sentences and illustrate a picture that matches.  Emphasize beginning the sentence with a capital letter, using spacing between words, spelling simple frequently used words correctly (ex. the, is, on, it, cat, dog), sounding out unknown words, and using punctuation at the end of a sentence.  Students should be able to read what they have written. 

*Practice counting to 100. 

*Practice writing and identifying numbers to 30.

*Practice forming simple patterns.

*Practice sorting objects by color, shape, and size.

*Practice putting the numbers 1-20 in order.

*Work with identifying and drawing circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles.

*Practice saying the days of the week, months of the year, and seasons.  Talk about what comes before and after.

*Use directional/positional words at home when giving your child directions to do something.  Use words like above, below, on top, under, beside, left, right.

*Leap frog has also developed some wonderful educational toys that really help with many of the kindergarten skills.  I have listed the name of the toy and the skills it covers. 

        -Letter Factory Video- letter/sound recognition

        -Word Factory Video-phonemic awareness, building

                                           and writing words

        -Fridge Phonics-letter/sound identification

        -Word Whammer-build simple three letter words

        -Leap Pad Plus Writing- reading, comprehension,

                                                and writing

        -Math Capers Video-math skills

I hope that these ideas are helpful.  If you have any concerns or you need some more specific ideas to help your child, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you for your support.


Mrs. Long


Last Modified on August 3, 2010

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