Classroom News!

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Classroom News!  Classroom News!

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We are glad to start a new year in 3rd grade.

As we start the year in math, we are reviewing place value and rounding to the nearest 10 and 100.

Standard form - the number itself      (235)

Expanded form - the value of each digit added together  (200 + 30 + 5)

​Word form - ​The number written in words     (two hundred thirty-five)

Model form - ​The number drawn out in hundreds tens and ones.

Rounding Rap:
Find the place value and underline the number, 
Move to the right and circle, get it?
0 to 4 underlined stays the same,
5 to 9 add 1 is the game.
Now, flex your muscles like a hero,
Digits to the right turn to zero.
All the other numbers remain the same, 
Yo, you're a winner in the rounding game!
We will, we will round you!

We are going into addition and the properties of addition:

Commutative Property of Addition (order property) It doesn't matter what order you add two numbers, the sum will be the same.  ex. 2+3=3+2

Associative Property of Addition (Grouping Property) It doesn't matter in what order you add numbers, the sum will be the same. ex.  (2+3)+4=2+(3+4)

Identity Property of Addition - zero plus any number is that number. ex. 0+3=3