Make Attendance a priority!
Showing up for school has a huge impact on a student's academic success starting in kindergarten and continuing through high school. Even as children grow older and more independent, families play a key role in making sure students get to school safely every day and understand why attendance is so important for success in school and on the job.
• Students should miss no more than 9 days of school each year to stay engaged, successful and on 
   track to graduation.
• Absences can be a sign that a student is losing interest in school, struggling with school work, dealing 
   with a bully or facing some other potentially serious difficulty.
• By 6th grade, absenteeism is one of the three signs that a student may drop out of high school.
• Missing 10 percent, or about 18 days, of school year can drastically affect a student's academic 
• Students can be chronically absent even if they only miss a day or two every few weeks.
• Attendance is an important life skill that will help your child graduate from college and keep a job.


Make school attendance a priority
• Talk about the importance of showing up to school everyday, make that the expectation.
• Help your child maintain daily routines, such as finishing homework and getting a good night's
•  Try not to schedule dental and medical appointments during the school day.
•  Don't let your child stay home unless truly sick. Complaints of headaches or stomach aches may be
    signs of anxiety. 

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Last Modified on August 26, 2015

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