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January Newsletter


We are so glad to be back at school!  We will spend the first two weeks reviewing all skills in preparation for mid-year benchmark testing.  Please make sure that you review letters, sounds, popcorn words, sound out words, read nonsense words, count to 100, word problems (addition & subtraction).  After testing, we will schedule conferences to meet with you to let you know how your child is performing academically


Important Dates for the month ofJanuary  

          January 16- Martin Luther King Holiday– NO SCHOOL

          January 19-Sock Hop

          January 20- Designated Teacher Workday-No School for


          January 27-Report Cards will go home




Learning Targets for the month of January


  1. I can answer questions about a book- character, setting.
  2. I can phonemically sound out words writing the beginning and ending sounds in words.
  3. I can segment words into sounds.
  4. I can identify all high frequency words (popcorn words).
  5. I can draw a picture with five details that reflects my sentence.
  6. I can write a sentence with correct punctuation, capitalization, spacing, and high frequency words (popcorn words) spelled correctly.
  7. I can read nonsense words.
  8. I can rhyme.
  9. I can identify all 26 capital and lowercase letters and produce the sounds.
  10.  I can identify all basic colors.
  1. I can count to 100 by ones.
  2. I can count forward from any given number.
  3. I can write numbers from 1 to 10 (without reversals).
  4. I can count/write objects in a set (1-10) with corresponding number.
  5. I can compare objects in a set using correct vocabulary- greater than; less than; & equal to.
  6. I can identify all 2-D & 3-D shapes: square, circle, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, cone, sphere, cube, and cylinder.
  7. I can build 3-D shapes: sphere, cube, and cylinder.
  8. I can draw the following shapes:  square, rectangle, and triangle.
  9. I can build smaller shapes into larger shapes, and name the new shape.


































































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