What's Happening in Math?

Fourth Grade Mathematics

What's Happening in Math?


We are very excited to begin the new school year. We will begin our year with the Race to the Top Board. Students have been given a pre-test to determine where they will begin on the board. Students will work on fact families that they have not yet mastered and will be tested by a predetermined date.  Look for the Race to the Top letter in homework folders. The letter explains Race to the Top in full detail. The objective of Race to the Top is to ensure students fluently know their multiplication facts. This will help to ensure their success in math class! Who will be the first to race to the top?

Unit 1: Place Value

Our first unit of study will be Place Value up to the hundred thousands place. We will delve into specific place value and determining the value of a number. Students will read and write numbers correctly. We also work on standard form, expanded form, word form, picture form, and decomposing. Decomposing is a fairly new skill for the students. It requires them to break down the number based on its place value. 

Example of decomposing 123,456
(1 x 100,000) + (2 x 10,000) + (3 x 1,000) + (4 x 100) + (5 x 10) + (6 x 1)

To continue the place value unit, we will 'rename' numbers. This requires the students to understand that numbers can be created and represent equal amounts in many different ways. Decomposing is a prerequisite for this skill. 

Examples of Renaming Numbers

30 Tens = 300 ones
1, 245 = 12 hundreds + 4 tens + 5 ones OR 10 hundreds + 20 tens + 45 ones 
358 = 35 tens + 8 ones OR 30 tens + 58 ones

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