Rules and Procedures

Mrs. Cox’s Discipline Plan for Elementary Music


Introductory Remarks:

In elementary school, music time is a time of learning how to sing, how to keep a steady beat, and how to develop musical aptitude.  In order to accomplish these goals, the music room must have a warm, safe, and productive environment.  The following rules, procedures, and consequences will help make this possible. 


Show Your “Musical” Bulldog Pride



Bring all necessary materials.

No gum, food, or candy.


Treat “staff,” peers, and instruments with respect. Be kind.


Follow directions quickly.


Believe in yourself.



Believe in others. Try your best.


Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior – Whole Class:

  1. Music Note Chart
    1. All classes begin with no notes on the wall. Students have an opportunity to earn four notes (eighth = ½ beat, quarter = 1 beat, half = 2 beats, and whole = 4 beats) by showing “bulldog pride” in music.
    2. When a class receives enough beats to climb the bar graph to the “solid line”, they will receive Music Fun Day! This could happen up to 4 times a year!


Description of Music Fun Day:

Students play music games such as “Music Freeze Dance”, “Mime Game”, or “Talent Show”.  The Music Note Chart still applies to Music Fun Day.


Consequences of Inappropriate Behavior – Individual Students

If one student’s behavior is consistently disruptive, it is not fair to punish the entire class.  Therefore, I will provide the following consequences to him/her:

  • 1st warning – forgiven
  • 2nd warning – one-on-one teacher/student conference
  • 3rd warning – homeroom teacher informed
  • 4th warning – phone call home
  • 5th warning – call office or guidance for assistance 


Star Singers:

One student from each class will be rewarded monthly for cooperation, participation, and enthusiasm in music class.  These students will receive a “Star Singer” certificate. 



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